Recfish Australia NCOP brochure

Many Australians love fishing. More than 3.5 million Australians fish annually for recreation and sport. This means about one in every five Australians enjoy fishing and half of all Australian households own fishing tackle. However, with the enjoyment of a natural resource comes responsibility for its sustainability and well being. This National Code of Practice for Recreational and Sport Fishing is intended for all those who fish recreationally, representatives of recreational fishing organisations, the recreational fishing industry, the fishing media and fisheries communicators. It is an initiative of Recfish Australia and supported by the Australian Government.

Recreation Fishing Awards Winners

Often the only reward for hard work is the quiet satisfaction of seeing a job well done. And while this pride is meaningful, it is important to our industry that we take time to shine a spotlight on individuals and groups within our community who have gone the extra mile.


Nominations for the National Awards for Contribution to Recreational Fishing


"Casting towards tomorrow ‐ keeping Australia fishing" will be the theme of the National Recreational Fishing Conference to be held from 17‐19 August 2012 on the Gold Coast with the future of recreational fishing clearly in its sights.