2012 Recreational Fishing Awards

Often the only reward for hard work is the quiet satisfaction of seeing a job well done. And while this pride is meaningful, it is important to our industry that we take time to shine a spotlight on individuals and groups within our community who have gone the extra mile.

We have some tremendous applicants that have put in hours, and I mean not 10s of hours, not hundreds of hours but thousands of hours of their time to improve recreational fishing for their families, friends and for the general recreational fishing community.

These people give up their work and personal family time to make a difference.  They have full time jobs, they are your normal white and blue collar workers, they are your farmers, they are the younger generation coming through, they are the older generation that have retired or have reduced their full time employment and are devoting the extra time to put something back into the activity that they passionately enjoy and they give their time voluntarily.

                   Winner – Bass Sydney
AWARD 1 : Innovation (Not Awarded)
AWARD 2: Excellence in Support of Research Outcomes
                   Winner: John Kirk – Victorian Angler Diary Program
AWARD 3: Excellence in Recreational Fishing Communication
                   Winner: Steve “Starlo” Starling
AWARD 4: Project of the Year
                   Winner: Ryan Paik – Moreton Bay Artificial Reef
AWARD 5: Volunteer of the Year
                   Winner: Stan Konstantaras
AWARD 6: Best project or initiative encouraging women and young people’s participation in fishing
                   Winner: Recfishwest – Fishing Clinic Program
AWARD 7: Most Successful Future Leader Graduate
                   Winner: Jason Stanfield
AWARD 8: Mal Ramsay Lifetime Achievement Award
                   Winner: Robert Loats

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