Media Releases

Bluewater Classic Media Release
Freycinet MPA Change
Joint Media Release MPA Seminar Proceedings
Long Tail Tuna Afforded Protection
Media Release – Recfish criticises Conservation Council
Media Release Mal Ramsay passes away
Media Release Recfish 2nd board
MPA 27s media release for seminar
MR – Industry Supports Kearney Review
MR – National Recreational Fishing Code 2009
MR – New Recfish Australia Board 2008-09
MR – Recfish committed to sustainable fishing
MR – Recfish joins the alliance October 2009
MR – Recfishers support Boswell
MR – Recreational fishing conference a success
MR – So long and thanks for all the fish – acrisis for recreational fishers
MR 3 MPA Seminar mr award winners
MR 3 MPA Seminar MR revenue options Aug 07
NEATFish 0Standard available
Pink Fly Fishers media release
Winners 2006 Recfishing Awards
171209 Minister Garretts Latest Target – Recreational Fishing
181209 National Petition Launched to Stop Peter Garretts Attack on Recreational Fishers
231209 Garretts Department says cost of Mako Ban to Fishermen is Minor
Fishing Welcomes Garrett Decision
Mako Media Release
MR – Long Awaited Fishing Strategy Released
Recfishing Call for Mako Ban Delay


National Recreational Fishing Policy 1994
Recfish Australia MPA Policy 21 September 2007
Recfish Australia Policy Development and Maintenance
2008-01 Threatened & Protected Fish Species


15th Conference Comments
e-15 prop-15 hammerhead and dusky whaler
e-15 prop-16 oceanic whitetip
e-15 prop-17 porbeagle
e-15 prop-17 ax1-5
e-15 prop-19 atlantic bluefin