Keep Australia Fishing Executive Summary


My name is Martin Salter. As well as being a passionate recreational fisherman I am a retired member of the British Parliament and a former spokesman for angling.  I’m currently living and working in Sydney as an angling writer and policy and campaigns consultant. Like many anglers across the world, I have some grave fears about the future of our sport.

I’ve been asked by representatives from angling bodies, the tackle and boating trade and the fishing media to pull together some ideas about how we can secure the future of recreational fishing and counter more effectively the threats to our sport, lifestyle and in some cases, our livelihoods.

I have endeavoured to get a flavour of the situation on the ground from every State and Territory and to collect useful and valuable examples of good practice from around the world, including Europe and the USA. My recommendations are my own and they seek to draw on the very best from these jurisdictions and suggest how they might be applied in the Australian context.

I hope they provide a helpful basis for a new way forward.

Martin Salter

April 2011


Keep Australia Fishing Executive Summary

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