Our Services

  • Advocacy for recreational fishers
  • Policy – developed in consultation with members and other allied organisations
  • Advice – expert advice on submissions, ministerial letters, media campaigns, project proposals
  • Letters of Support – the Association has established bona fides with the Australian Government, is formally represented on several committees and enjoys dialogue with senior government ministers. As a result, letters of support from the Association carry some value in submissions and applications for funding.
  • Communication – as a national organisation, the Association is in a unique position to provide a “bird’s eye view” of recreational fishing in Australia. The Association is committed to keeping members and the broader recreational fishing community informed of activities across the country and in communicating important government initiatives that impact recreational fishing on a national level.
  • Education – similarly, the Association has taken the lead role in providing a national code of practice for recreational fishing which can serve as the basis for sector and regionally specific codes. The Association has also investigated the factors surrounding fishing-related injuries and has partnered with other organisations to promote fishing safety. The resources developed by the Association are freely available to members in the hope that they will enhance the recreational fishing experience for all Australians.
  • Capacity Building – in partnership with the Australian Government (through the Fisheries Research Development Corporation), the Association is actively engaged in projects to develop the professional skills needed by leaders within the recreational fishing sector.