Shore fishing pills: practical tips not to be mistaken

Almost all fishermen are convinced that the more you can cast the bait far, the better. In reality in shore fishing this is absolutely not true, especially in the summer months, when even the finest fish such as sea bream and murmur move close for reproduction. It is good to be aware of the morphology of the seabed in which we are fishing, in order to make the most of it. If we are in summer it is useful to take a ride in the water with the mask.

The mixed seabed , characterized by strips of sand mixed with rocks, are always the best ones, as they host large quantities of organisms that fish are looking for. If we are fishing in a seabed of this type, we are going to place our bait in the sand strip close to the rocks . If instead we are on a totally sandy beach , we recommend the use of two rods, one to probe the area immediately behind the wave step , and one instead as far as possible , and then shorten the distance until we find the ideal point .

When to retrieve the bait ? Knowing how to correctly answer this question means determining the fate of our shore fishing for better or for worse. In reality the answer changes according to the season in which we find ourselves and the bait we are using. It is necessary to start from the principle that fish are attracted both by the movement of our bait and by the smell it gives off when launched into the water. When these two factors (odor and movement) fail, the effectiveness of our bait will drop dramatically.

If we are fishing in the summer months , the water temperature will be high and the smell given off will spread very quickly, while in winter this process will be significantly slowed down. For this reason, in the first case it is recommended, unless there are signs of bites, to retrieve the bait every 15 minutes. In the second case instead every 20-25 minutes. Retrieving the bait after 2-3 minutes as many fishermen do is totally unnecessary and will only be a waste of time.

We have recovered the bait and this is intact or partially eaten. What to do? For the aforementioned reasons, even if our bait is intact, in reality it will have already lost much of its attractive power. For this reason, in shore fishing, unless the bait (like American and bibi) is still full of liquid inside, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. We try to make rather systematic launches , without changing continuously, since the smell emanating from the previous bait will still be used as a “groundbait” at the point where it was launched and therefore we can exploit it to our advantage.

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